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Shrooms story

I was walking through a Park and from a distance I thought someone had wasted a cooler of pineapples. Turns out it was done giant mushrooms in the most beautiful hue.


Brandi in the Sunflowers 2017

No word needed. Enjoy the beauty that is Brandi Kay and her friend.


Levitation series

Every now and again I get wild and crazy idea and have to go shoot it. Witness the results of the levitation series from September 2017 LOL.  



There’s something special to be sad about Charleston South Carolina. Especially on my side of town, just off of Highway 17 where there is a hidden Art Gallery Outdoors. Every time I get the chance to I make sure to drive by and see the new artwork that is “posted” Enjoy! 


Ramsey Creek Beach Shoot!

in a gloomy and rainy sat evening, i found my way to the only actual beach in Mecklenberg County, NC up at Ramsey Creek Park  on Lake Norman. 2 models later, i was very glad i came. Check these pics out!


Reintroducing Tearra

Ive worked with this young lady a few times, she is worth the trouble! Check out our latest set. We did boudoir…something neither has much experience with. S/O to Altered image Studio for the space.


bumpers 4 boobies carshow – Charlotte, NC


Tuner Evolution 2016 – Charlotte,NC


Introducing Daj…

Introducing Daj. a cute little culinary arts student who hit me about some shots. Glad to work with you! #blugraphics


Photowalk May 2017

Every now and then you get the urge to just go shoot random crazy stuff, so we called in the crew and did just that. Introducing fitness phenom Janice and long time contributor/model Nicole. Oh and the giant gold robot heads, lol