Tadd & Joshua

I’m always happy to shoot engagement sessions. So much love and energy. Check out these 2 love birds. #blugraphics


Barbara shows me Charlotte

Barbara hit me up and said she had a new spot to show me. That means load up and ride. See the results below! #blugraphics  


Whitney & Charleston, SC

Never let it be said that my camera doesnt travel with me. It is the yin to my yang and it completes every vision that i have. With that being said I was in Charleston and was able to link up with another top model, the homie Whitney aka @slanteyez101 Check it out.


Ashia & Jenchi

a warm sticky day with rain threatening…perfect excuse to get out and do a shoot with the homie Jenchi and new to me Ashia. Im so glad that Charlotte has so much to offer as far as people who are willing to model and locations that have never been explored by #blugraphics


Charmaine & Sheena

When the weather gets warm and the days are perfect, i get to go shoot with friends. They ask,i deliver. Straight  from the shores of Lake Wylie I present to you the latest round with Charmaine  & Sheena. Thanks for the inspiration ladies  


Sheena in Black & White

I love shooting in black & white. Especially when i’m told it will be hard. I learned to shoot with old school black & white film and processed it myself in the dark room. Nothing gives me more control than that in my mind. Challenge accepted, meet the lovely Sheena.


too cool for school 2/6/16

“Pssst…i know where there is an abandoned school. Wanna go shoot?” Me: “Um. Yeah”


So i havent been on my update game…

But in July we made the trip back out to secret spot to go shoot sunflowers again. Always a good time, and with so many new models this year a very memorable experience was had.

Manetta Mills - Lando,SC

Waterfalls are where you find them…especially in rural south carolina. 4/18/15

I’ve always been an explorer. I see things a little bit different from most people. That weird little instinct to stop my car and go wander weird place often leads me to discover  something great in my own backyard. Such is the case here… a few years ago a model friend told me to go […]


blugraphics meets Akilah Christie Barbie 2/14/15

One thing that i have always prided myself on is recognizing greatness. i found some in miss akilah barbie here.  This was not our 1st time shooting together, but this time she really, really , REALLY came alive with ideas and great poses. All I had to was move lights and take the pics. Thanks […]