Waterfalls are where you find them…especially in rural south carolina. 4/18/15

Manetta Mills - Lando,SC

I’ve always been an explorer. I see things a little bit different from most people. That weird little instinct to stop my car and go wander weird place often leads me to discover  something great in my own backyard. Such is the case here… a few years ago a model friend told me to go explore Lando,SC.  Lemme be the 1st to say this place is not on the map, has little to no cell phone signal and doesn’t usually show up on GPS.  Yeah, its THAT deep in the woods. But, it’s only minutes from the interstate and less than 15 from Rock Hill,SC a decidedly large small town in SC. I say all this to say that when out wandering you should leave no stone unturned or no road unexplored. It’s an amazing world out here for those who take the time to see the possibilities.  I saw a bunch of models in a waterfall …

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