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Scary old building in Rock Hill,SC 8/31/15

This old building in Rock Hill has always caught my eye. Luckily i heard word of an open house that the owners were doing in an attempt to raise funds to complete the building.  I was glad to be among the handful of photographers allowed to come in and wander.


Tuner Evolution Show Charlotte, NC 10/24/15

i went, i saw, i clicked many, MANY times. Please enjoy the tuner evolution pics here, but remember full coverage can be found at


Bored in Charlotte…but at least it was raining 9/27/15

A camera is what allows me to let you see how i view the world. Even a rainy day in Charlotte becomes a journey with me through the lens


Cars and Coffee Charlotte, NC 9/20/15

What can i say, i like cars and i like coffee. Enjoy!


Tawba Fest 9/12/15

For 2 yrs now, i have been part of the Tawba Fest at Riverwalk in Rck Hill, SC. Last year i was volunteer serving beer. This year i decided to get back to my roots and just take pictures…


Graduation Season! June 2015

What do you do when a lil cousin has grown up and graduates high school? You have a cookout and I take the pics thats what.


So i havent been on my update game…

But in July we made the trip back out to secret spot to go shoot sunflowers again. Always a good time, and with so many new models this year a very memorable experience was had.

Manetta Mills - Lando,SC

Waterfalls are where you find them…especially in rural south carolina. 4/18/15

I’ve always been an explorer. I see things a little bit different from most people. That weird little instinct to stop my car and go wander weird place often leads me to discover  something great in my own backyard. Such is the case here… a few years ago a model friend told me to go […]


blugraphics meets Akilah Christie Barbie 2/14/15

One thing that i have always prided myself on is recognizing greatness. i found some in miss akilah barbie here.  This was not our 1st time shooting together, but this time she really, really , REALLY came alive with ideas and great poses. All I had to was move lights and take the pics. Thanks […]

Bethany White

Couch to portrait in 10 minutes… 4/12/15

There i was laying on the couch after 2 long days of working in the yard , when i get a phone call. There is a shoot going on and they need a 5th photographer. In less than 10 minutes i wa there locked, loaded and shooting away with my trusty canon.  Glencairn Gardens was […]