SC Photographers Meetup in Rock Hill

We came strapped and ready to do the dang thing. Featured models were @iambrandikay and @gem.emm at S&S Studio in Rock Hill (@shystyles_studio.) We thank you for the support.

Sunflower season again!

One of my favorite times of the year is when the sunflowers bloom and the gang is all there to partake in the glory.

Music Makes Me High Shirt Collection

Check out the latest shirts from blugraphics!  This line of shirts was inspired by classic hip hop lines/ quotables from many of our favorite artists. To view sizes & purchase, just click on the shop tab in the menu. #hiphop #quotable #tees #rhymes

Melissa from Mae Vee Models

She had an opening in her schedule and so did I. it was rainy and dark and she wasn’t afraid…neither was I. That means it was time to go put in some work at Camp North End…

The Connors

I love it when people i have been shooting with for YEARS come back and need more work. Introducing the Connors.  

lowriders & models!

1st group shoot of the year is now under the belt. Shout out to Ground Level Car Club and all the solo riders who came thru on a sketchy day to shoot with us. many props to the huge turnout of photographers & the models … Continue readinglowriders & models!